>Celio Redfly


Is the Celio Redfly a glimpse of the future of mobile computing? The Celio Redfly is a companion accessory for select Windows Mobile devices that allow you to hook up your Windows Mobile smartphone to a laptop-like terminal for a larger display, and a full-size keyboard. The Celio Redfly is a small portable lap-top like device which is essentially a dumb terminal powered by the Windows Mobile operating system on your smartphone. Every application on your Windows Mobile smartphone is available for use on a larger higher resolution screen with a full laptop like keyboard, and a touch pad mouse. If you have videos and pictures on your phone, you can display them on the larger display. The resolution will be the same as that of your smartphone which is one of the few flaws of Redfly. There are also no speakers, so you will have to use your headphones for sound.

As Pocket PC phones become stronger and more powerful, is it conceivable that one day we will carry around mobile devices with the full computing power of a desktop? Imagine connecting to any desktop wirelessly from a mobile device and essentially using the desktop to run your smartphone programs!


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