>Time to upgrade?


A colleague of mine carries around a beat up old Palm smartphone. I started dropping hints. The new Sprint phones look PREETTY good. My colleague continued bringing the beat up old phone to work. I stopped being subtle and started emailing him pictures of cellphones. Mr. P, if you are reading this – here is CrazyPhoneGuy’s recommendation for a new phone.

At first I thought you would like the Blackberry Curve. I mean, come on, what’s not to like? You work in business, and Wall street types use Blackberries. However, I’ve noticed how fond you are of your Palm Smartphone. Why break up a great relationship? So, the CrazyPhoneGuy’s recommendation for you is the new PALM TREO 800W from Sprint. It is similar to your old Palm smartphone only faster and better. It comes with WIFI and GPS. You’ll be able to walk into any WIFI hotspot (like our office), and enjoy wireless internet access. The Treo 800W also comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 and includes the Mobile Office suite with Microsoft Word, and Excel.


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