>Is the new iPhone all that?


What is it about the iPhone? Anyone who takes out an iPhone in public is instantly cool. But, is the iPhone all that? Owners of the new iPhone 3G are writing in about cracks appearing, under ordinary use, in the plastic backs. These fissures seem prevalent in the 16G models which have the white backs versus the black backs of the 8G models. It remains to be seen if this is a manufacturing defect, but according to an Apple blog some stores are exchanging units with cracks for new ones after careful inspections. The new features of the iPhone 3G also appears to have a short battery life. Brian Tong from CNet.com gave tips on how to maximize battery life on the iPhone 3G: turn off GPS, WiFi, 3G, and push-email functionality when you aren’t using it; buy your apps from iTunes rather than the wireless apps store. But, I have to ask: Isn’t keeping 3G switched on the whole point of the new iPhone 3G?

One Response to “>Is the new iPhone all that?”

  1. CPG Says:

    >This is the Crazyphoneguy. I am posting this comment from the Apple store in Soho using a 32G iPhone. This is the first time I am using the touchscreen keyboard. It takes some getting used to. My date is here. More on this later.

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