>First Smartphone..first love


They say you never forget your first smartphone. Mine was the Samsung SCH-i760.

I absolutely adored this phone. I got it from Verizon Wireless, and was taken in by the design of this phone, right from the beginning. I loved the look, feel and heft of the phone. Some of my friends would make fun of it, but I didn’t care. If the iPhone is the cool rich kid, then this phone is the nerdy kid, who plays chess and helps out on the AV squad.
The SCH i760 is not all looks. It packs a zippy 400Mhz processor that makes it an overachieving smartphone. Being a Windows Mobile device, the SCH i760 is customizable. I had Spb Mobile Shell installed, which improved the UI on the phone, and made the phone a better touch-screen device. I hardly used the stylus. The voice command feature was just amazing. I would press a key on the side, and say “play music”, and the phone would ask “which album?”. I would say “Saturday Night Fever” and “Stayin Alive” would start playing.
The full qwerty keyboard was the best. I loved the feel of the keyboard. I was able to type long emails on the bus or train easily. It did take a few days to get used to typing certain symbols like the ampersand (you have to press a function key). Overall it was a great keyboard, and I miss it. The Samsung SCH-i760 comes with Windows Mobile Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), and is useful for anyone who has to compose articles, letters, memos, etc. while on the move. The white backlight was brilliant and made it possible for me to compose emails even in the dark.
The Samsung SCH-i760 isn’t “perfect”. The synching cable provided doesn’t charge the phone. That was annoying. Being a Windows Mobile device, there was a learning curve, especially for a newbie like me. To make the phone really shine, you have to tweak, mod, adjust, and give it a lot of customizing love. If you are a gadget hound, then this phone is for you. I would recommend buying a micro-SD card to give the SCH-i760 an extra 2Gs of storage space for your files and music. It didn’t come 3.5mm standard for headphones, so if you want to use fancy headphones, you have to get an adapter.
I have a weakness for underdog phones that work well but are not as popular in the marketplace. I have to say this phone really did it for me. It looks great, has awesome functionality, and is an all around useful and fun smartphone. Being the CrazyPhoneGuy, I did have to move on, but this was the first, and it will always occupy a special place in my heart.

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