>Zune – not so social?


I tried to send this picture to a total stranger over the weekend.

I own a Zune 80, and have the ability to share songs and pictures with other Zune users. Zune owners are part of the “Zune Social”. Zune devices are all equipped with WiFi, which allows “squirting”.

Why would Microsoft create such an unfortunate term for something as cool as sharing music or pictures wirelessly? How about “Zune-ing”? or “Zapping?” Squirting, Ugh.

I was on the subway. It was late, and there were about thirty riders on the train. I just finished listening to a podcast, and just for fun, I turned on the wireless; I usually keep it turned off because it is a battery drainer. Two names popped up when I went to the “Social”. I don’t know why, but I felt daring. I decided to try the “Social” feature on my Zune 80.

Here is what I did – I opened the picture above, and clicked “send”. Oh, by the way, we actually have to name our Zunes as part of the registration process; mine’s Zeke. The other Zune would get the message “Zeke wants to send you a picture – accept?” If he or she clicks okay, then our Zunes connect, and content is shared wirelessly. The whole process takes about 15 seconds.

My “Squirting” attempt was was unsuccessful; I was actually relieved. Remember, I live in New York City, and most of the time, people mind their own business. To have a total stranger try and “squirt” you a song or picture could be seen as an invasion of personal space!

Maybe among high school students and friends being “Social” works; sharing with a total stranger in a large US city is an entirely different proposition.

I’m not sure what Microsoft had in mind when they came up with the Zune Social – all people united in harmony via their Zunes? I don’t think I’m ever “squirting” again.


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