>Palm’s Comeback


Palm has its enthusiasts and supporters; however, it has not kept up with the times, and most recently has been left in the dust by new innovative smartphones from cellphone manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Motorola, RIM, And Apple. The closing of seven out of eight retail stores and 26 Palm airport stores also did not bode well for Palm.

In January of this year, Palm hired Apple alum Mike Bell to head up product development and to breathe new life into Palm’s product line. Palm’s newest smartphones seem to be the beneficiaries of Bell’s efforts, and look great. The Palm Centro came out on the Verizon network on June 13th, and has been well received. Similarly, the release on the Sprint network of the Treo 800w gave Sprint a shot in the arm, and many stores were reporting sold out inventories. But, the latest offering from Palm that has many a hearts fluttering is the Palm Treo Pro. It is suppose to come out in the fall (unlocked!) with AT&T potentially picking it up.


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