>Sociology 101


WHAT does your mobile device say about you?

Living in New York City I walk past thousands of strangers on a daily basis. Every morning on the subway I notice more and more people hunched over their mobile devices texting, and reading emails.

I was at a screening of The Dark Knight at the Regal theater on Broadway and Union Square near NYU. All around me were students and young people. I started to wonder if I could infer something about these people on line. Could I guess their occupations based on the phone they carried? Was I Henry Higgins?

The young, cool, and hip buy the iPhone. Clean cut looking college grads,with plum corporate jobs, carry Blackberries. Savvy publicists carried LG EnVs, and Voyagers. The upwardly mobile wear on their their belts, Palm Treos and other WinMo devices. The younger urban set favor the T-Mobile sidekick.

I have been surprised. Once, a disheveled man sat down next to me. I did not pay attention to him until he took out a Nokia N-95 phone. My jaw almost dropped; I mean the Nokia N-95 sells unlocked in the US for almost $650. You can make assumptions, but sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover.

The way we dress, the car we drive, the people we hang around with all make a statement about who we are. With the great variety of cellphones on the market, it is possible to choose something that represents you.

What does your mobile device say about you?


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