>Streaming live video to your Smartphone


Imagine, using your phone as a camcorder to film LIVE streaming video which you can upload to a webpage for your friends to see. Imagine being able to store hours of video footage on an internet server without having to worry about running out of storage space on your phone (its a cloud computing thing).
The implications for this technology are huge. I can imagine abuses, but I prefer to concentrate on the positive things you can do with Qik. Imagine, me hitting the pavement with my new Windows Mobile phone and interviewing strangers about Sarah Palin’s hotness.. oh… I am veering into “abusive” possibilities.. Okay, footage of a friend’s new baby for a family website. Better.
According to my research, the Nokia N-95 is the best phone for Qik because of its 5 megapixel camera, high quality Carl Zeiss lens and video capability. The new Windows Mobile phones (Touch Pro, HTC Diamond) with increased RAM, cpu processor speed, storage space, and video resolution make them an ideal partner for Qik technology.

I am stoked. Totally.



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