>Bonjour HTC P3600?


I was having brunch in Manhattan and happily drinking my coffee and dunking my donuts when I heard two tourists, seated at the next table, speaking French. Both took out their smartphones, and my interest was piqued immediately. One placed his smartphone on the table. I could not help myself “Qu’est-ce que c’est” I queried, and got a raised eyebrow. He queried back “parlez vous Francais?” Memories of college French came rushing back… I answered, tentatively “oui?” I pointed at his phone and repeated “Que’est -ce que c’est?” He responded in rapid fire French. “Blah, blah, blah HTC blah blah blah Windows Mobile”. He handed me the phone.
I thought it was a slide-out, but it was all touch-screen like the iPhone. It felt nice. It reminded me of the Tilt without the qwerty keyboard.
I handed the phone back. College French did prove to be useful after all.

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