>Zune 3.0


I am a Zune fan, and thrilled to pieces about the new Zune 3.0. On September 16th, Zune users will be able to download for free a software update that will allow wireless download of music via WiFi! The new software will also allow users to tag songs from FM radio for download from the Zune Marketplace. Audiobooks have also come to Zune.
Zune is really trying to be THE device for the serious music enthusiast. Your Zune will track your favorite music, and when you log into the Zune marketplace will make music recommendations to you. It might also introduce you to people that have the same musical taste as you. Microsoft feels music is a social experience and meant to be shared, and it wants to foster this via the Zune Social. It, the Zune Social, is in its infancy of course. It kind of reminds me of some wild sociology experiment. Someday I’ll organize a huge Zune Meetup in New York City. It will be huge. It will be wild. It will be YouTube worthy.


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