>Verizon Fall lineup?


I was at a Verizon store over the weekend. Verizon must have many new phones in its fall line-up because there were few smartphones on display. Verizon stores have pulled the Samsung SCH i760, and the XV6800 from its store. I was told that the last batch of SCH i760s were faulty, and Verizon decided to pull it. Sprint in recent weeks introduced the HTC Touch Diamond, and the new Palm Treo 800W has been available for a while.
I feel Verizon puts all of its time and energy into making it the most reliable cellphone network in the nation at the expense of new and exciting phones in its line-up. When I questioned a sales person about the fall line up, he started talking up the new Blackberry Touch-screen device. While I’m excited about the new Touch Blackberry, it would have been nice if Verizon could get the Bold too. I’m just tired of seeing all the newest phones released first in Europe, and Asia, and then AT&T. It makes me almost want to move over to a GSM network.
There’s excitement building about the Blackberry Storm, and rumors of the Treo 800W coming to Verizon, and I’m sure its just a matter of time before the HTC Diamond comes to Verizon (since its gone Sprint already).
For now, Verizon users have to make due with the HTC Touch, and Blackberry devices. Better to wait until October and November if you’re thinking about updating at this point.

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