CrazyPhoneGuy admires well made cutting edge mobile devices. He also admires good companies.

Jacksonfish.com is a special small business. It has an amazing website. The firm has a simple mission statement – to create beautiful consumer software for the web. The unique character of this small company can be discovered through navigating Jacksonfish.com’s website.

In an age of brashness where profits and short term gains rule the day, there is something refreshing about the existence of a company like this. It actually renews my hope about the U.S. amidst all the financial turmoil of recent day.
The webpage is something special. It depicts an ordinary street you might find in a small town. It is teeming with activity during the day, but at night, stores shut down, lights are dimmed (literally). It is really clever. Visit http://www.jacksonfish.com/.


One Response to “>Jacksonfish.com”

  1. Chris McDermott Says:

    >Good stuff, CPG! I’m glad to hear that there is still honesty in this market. What are your thoughts on the different MP3 players out there? Is it best to get the IPhone instead of a separate phone and mp3 player?

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