>Verizon XV6800


I am thinking about buying the XV6800. I checked on CraigsList, and this phone can be mine for $220. If I bought this phone, I might consider picking up the Celio Redfly as well. Wouldn’t it be awesome to surf the internet and use Windows Mobile Office on a higher resolution screen! I was a little bummed that the XV6800 is not a compatible device with Qik yet (see http://www.qik.com/).

These are hard economic times, and this purchase might be seen as frivolous. I feel like someone with a hot girlfriend, but somehow I can’t help eyeing the girl the other guys have overlooked. The Blackberry Curve has been good to me, and this is how I repay all the sweet email goodness it has given me?

One Response to “>Verizon XV6800”

  1. bexp Says:

    >Hi I’m a magic wizard from Qik and I can make XV6800 compatible as well. CRACKS, PACKS, FAQS It’s done now !! you can go ahead and buy it )

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