>More Zune News


I was at a Zune party last night at a trendy Lower East Side bar in New York City. Zune was in town as one of the primary sponsor for a music festival call CMJ.

I spoke at length with Rob Greenlee who heads up Zune’s podcasting initiative. I queried about future iterations of the Zune, and found his thoughts illuminating. Zune seems content to do its own thing, and while it realizes it is a David to Apple’s Goliath in the mp3 space, it is trying to set itself apart differently from Apple. Microsoft is first and foremost a software company, and it is to those roots that Zune appears to be focusing on. Zune wants to build itself more as a software platform rather than a device platform. It envisions itself converged, much like Apple is doing now, on Windows XP/Vista, Xbox 360, and Windows Mobile. Zune will be about music discovery, and its Social, which although in its infancy has a lot of potential. I also found the target demographic for the Zune to be interesting. Zune is targeting the urban young. Zune is actually a top 20 recognized brand in the Latino community.


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