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>Reflections of a Crackberry

November 23, 2008


The new Blackberry Storm came out yesterday. People lined up around the block to try to get their hands on the new Blackberry Touchscreen Storm. I was feeling nostalgic, and decided to look up pictures of Blackberry devices from several years back. Look at this picture. It’s one of the early Blackberries. Who would have thought that the Blackberry would go mainstream, and become, well…cool.

I bought my first Blackberry device earlier this year – the Blackberry Curve. It is a great device. I rarely access my emails on my desktop anymore. I am completely mobile, and read my emails on the train, on the bus, in the office, at the coffee shop…you get the idea. I carry my Blackberry everywhere with me, and can’t imagine being without it, yet I don’t truly feel a part of the Blackberry Nation. As a relatively new Blackberry user, I feel I’ve missed out. I didn’t have a chance to use the older Blackberry devices – the Blackberries without the fancy touchscreen, or multi-media capability. I wonder what original Blackberry users that have stuck with the device (since 2000!) feel about the Storm and the Bold. Do they lament RIM’s current consumerist focus? Don’t get me wrong, the Bold and the Storm are solid devices, but somehow, 2000, which wasn’t that long ago, seems innocent… pure; I wish I could have been a Blackberry user then.