>Verizon Wireless XV6800 and Celio Redfly Pairing


In December I bought a Verizon XV6800 Windows Mobile smartphone. I decided to try on trial the Celio Redfly which is a mobile companion designed to be used with Windows Mobile phones.
The XV6800 is about a year old, and already feels dated compared to newer offerings such as the HTC Touch Pro, and Diamond. It is a powerful device taken on its own with a 320×240 screen, and reasonable specifications. I have written in blog posts last year about my affection for this phone. It isn’t a beautiful phone, but there was something defiant about its design which appealed to me. It is a true geek phone, and meant to be tweaked, flashed, and customized which brings me to the Celio Redfly (http://www.celiocorp.com/).
The Celio Redfly extends the capability of a Windows Mobile device by providing a beautiful seven inch 800×460 pixel resolution display, and a fuller Qwerty keyboard for selected Windows Mobile phones. The Redfly provides an almost netbook like experience for Windows Mobile users. The Redfly has no operating system of its own. It is powered by the Windows Mobile operating system and computing power of your smartphone via either a USB or bluetooth connection.
With all the extra screen real estate of a 7 inch 800×460 screen resolution it becomes possible to work on an Excel spreadsheet, or to do real word processing using the Windows Mobile Office suite that comes pre-installed on most Windows Mobile smartphones. I liked the idea of extending the functionality of my XV6800, and pushing it to its limit. Unfortunately, you can’t push too hard. Some applications work great like Excel and Word. Powerpoint slides look awesome, but you have very little editing capability. Opera Mobile browser works well, but I wasn’t able to get a fully rendered NYTimes page. It always defaulted to a mobile version which frustrated me.
I downloaded Skyfire, which works amazingly well on the XV6800. It doesn’t work on the Redfly though. On my XV6800 I get fully rendered webpages with embedded flash video. ESPN’s website looks great. But, it didn’t work on my Redfly.
I thought I would carry my Redfly everywhere with me. I had visions of connecting to the internet anywhere via my EVDO Rev A connection, and typing my articles seated at a Starbucks. However, I found I left my Redfly home more than I brought it out with me. The editor of PocketNow might have said it best, “..my Windows Mobile phone IS my mobile companion.” He also wrote that if he needed more computing power out on the road that netbooks work better for him, and seeing the prices and relative computing power I am prone to agree with him.
The Redfly can be purchased inexpensively for about $230. However, with the competitive prices of netbooks, I can’t justify keeping a device because I like the idea of the Redfly. I’m probably going to send it back, and save for a netbook.

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