>Nokia E90 Communicator: The Best Business Productivity Smartphone on the Market?


My latest obsession is with the Nokia E90 Communicator phone. This phone is a beast. It is a big phone at 5.2” by 2.24” by .79” and might be a tight fit for jean pockets. But there is a reason for the dimensions of this phone. It opens up, in a clam shell fashion, to reveal a tremendous full qwerty keyboard, and more notably a 800 by 352 LCD display. I am reminded of the promise of the Celio Redfly to increase productivity. With the Nokia E90 true business productivity is possible. With the 800 by 352 LCD screen and the excellent keyboard I can truly imagine preparing or reading a spreadsheet or viewing slides. How anyone was able to work on spreadsheets using a device with a 320 by 240 screen is beyond me. I read that the device is Blackberry-Connect compatible. I am not familiar with Blackberry Connect, but to have BES quality push email service with this device would just be a phone nerd’s dream.

But, this phone is big. And, its not particularly sexy. You won’t get oohs and ahhs when you whip this baby out. Opinions might change when you flip the phone open to reveal the keyboard. It’s always what’s under the hood that counts.


One Response to “>Nokia E90 Communicator: The Best Business Productivity Smartphone on the Market?”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    >I know this article is a few months old, but I'm still rocking the E90, even after taking the N97 on the road for a couple weeks. I hope Nokia replaces it with an equally powerful device in the future. It was great meeting you at the party!

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