>Qik is the bomb!

I met Andrew Currie, a tech blogger from Toronto at a Nokia party last week. He twittered about holding a Q&A about the N97 Monday morning at eleven via Qik. Now, I’ve known about Qik for a while. Qik is a mobile app that allows anyone to stream live video using a cellphone. It comes pre-loaded with my N97.

At 11:00am, sitting in my cubicle, I remembered Andrew was going to be on Qik…live! I clicked on the link provided via Andrew’s tweet and was directed to a Qik page . I typed in “Good morning”, and saw Andrew’s eyes flicker, and heard him respond. I don’t know why, but I had an epiphany… I mean, if you really think about it, how cool is that? Being able to stream video live.. anywhere… anytime…with your cellphone! The potential…the possibilities!

Before punching out for the evening, I decided to fire up my N97, to try streaming live video of myself sitting in my cubicle. I IMed a friend and sent her my Qik link. She commented she could see my nose… My phone was all over the place and was pointed at the old noggin just at the moment.

I need to invest in a tripod so I can keep my N97 still. Hey, its something new for me to do with my $699 N97 smartphone.


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