My New Mobile Computer: The Nokia N97

N97_homescreenN97_candybarN97bingI brought home a new Nokia N97 three weeks ago.  I had to sell my Windows Mobile smarthphone the HTC XV6800, and a Kindle 1.0 to raise money for the $699 phone. This is Nokia’s flagship, and I have been riding the wave of blog hype, launch parties, and promotions. Is the Nokia N97 all that it claims to be? Is it a mobile computer connecting users to the internet in new ways?

The phone is pretty to look at. I went to the Flagship NYC Nokia store intent on buying the black N97, but walked out with a white one. I can be so irrational. In most informal polls, the white N97 model fares slightly better with customers.

What I like best about the phone right now is its homescreen, 32G of storage space, Ovi, and the browser. I am relatively new to the S60 platform, and learning about all of its offerings. The camera is 5 megapixels. I also own a Nokia N82 which is the king of S60 camera phones, but the N97 takes good pictures. Some of the colors are a little washed out, but the picture quality is acceptable for a camera phone.

I decided to keep the N97. The S60 platform reminds me of the Windows Mobile platform. It takes some work to get it to do everything you need and want from a smartphone. I’ve also fallen in with a group of dedicated S60 users here in NYC, and they played a factor in my decision to keep the phone. I was impressed with their devotion to the platform, as well as all the innovative ways they use S60 phones to suit their mobile lifestyles.


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